Our Strategy

SACVF was created to assist in meeting the needs of the Veteran, their family, caregivers and widows of every generation

Our Service Priorities are:

  • Advocating
  • Educating & Collaboration
  • Supporting
  • Volunteerism

Advocating by


  • Being a voice for Veterans when they need someone to help speak on their behalf 
  • Representing Veterans with our elected officials on key issues that affect the over 2.1 million Texas Veterans, including help passage of two Texas laws to help our severely burn Veterans in Texas


Educating through community programs and events.

will educate


  • Monthly informational meetings on important topics that support the over 255 Veteran Service Providers (VSP) in the community
  • Networking events that allow participants to share information
  • Training events for companies and public forums to help others understand Veteran issues


Supporting through a variety of programs and services, including direct support of Veterans and families that have “unmet needs” integral to long-term success.


  • Financial support to over 42 Veteran families facing homelessness since 2015 
  • Educational scholarships to Veteran family members in 2015
  • Providing emergency food to 22 families in need in 2016


Volunteerismcut trees: As with military service, being a volunteer is not only important to each Veteran, but allows SACVF to help many of the aging, disabled and low-income Veterans in the Alamo region.

  • Building ramps and fixing homes for 19 Veteran families with the help of our friends at the Home Depot Foundation
  • Removing trees and cleaning yards for 9 of our disabled Korean War and WWII Veteran families
  • Giving rides to over 38 disabled Veterans needing to get to essential medical appointments 
  • Helping raise awareness through various community events with our Veteran Service Providers

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Mailing Address

San Antonio Coalition for Veterans & Families

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